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Paper Cord

A soft cord made from cellulose wadding which is ideal as piping cord, tack roll, and used for various sculptures. The raw material is produced from pure and recycled pulp. Cellulose wadding is safe to use and non-hazardous, as is the braiding which is used to hold its shape.

Sizes range from 3.6mm -> 55.0mm diameter


  • Soft/light cord
  • Easy to use & non-toxic
  • Doesn’t shrink
  • Consistent diameter
  • Good retention of shape
  • Doesn’t melt or distort
  • Neutral twist


  • Piping for: cushions, mattresses, armrests, seating, covering frames where fabric is to be stretched
  • Gaskets & seals for continuous steel casting
  • Latex moulding
  • Fire rope for firework displays & theatres

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